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Ormet Ormet Petromix


Petromix ® is the strongest oil soluble detergent available. It is an organic compound free of metallic or other catalysts. It consists of liquid molecules, fully synthesized through chemical conversion resulting in a surfactant of incomparable efficiency. It prevents sludge formation, helps overcome combustion problems in residual fuel operation, provides a more even atomisation pattern and, therefore, makes it possible to switch to lower viscosity grade fuels. It is a molecule liquid in itself and does not require useless solvent carriers but is a hundred percent active compound - the fully automatic manufacturing process eliminates any risk of variation in quality

How it works:
  1. Dispersant Action

    Petromix ® disperses oil-insoluble impurities, which would otherwise clog screens and plug filters and nozzles by agglomeration.

  2. Detergent Action

    Petromix ® removes sludge and varnish-like deposits from storage tank walls, ducts and injector needles. By means of a strong polar bond attached to every impure particle, further adhesion and/or agglomeration are effectively prevented.

  3. Stabilization Action

    Petromix ® prevents the segregation of "mixed-up" heavy grade fuels which contains residuel fuel components (bunker oil).

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  4. Water removing action

    Petromix ® is oil soluble. It eases water dispersion into the very small droplets making the burning process better. In light grade fuel water haze formation resulting from entrained moisture is minimized.

  5. Anti-corrosive Action

    Petromix ® protects your plant to a large extent against acid and saltwater corrosion by forming a firmly adherent layer of oil and PETROMIX molecules.

  6. Improved Combustion

    Petromix ® brings cleaner combustion, evident from the decreasing tendency toward soot formation and coke deposit at the scavenge ports. This cleaner combustion process keeps the dispersant pattern of the cylinder lubricant in proper condition.

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Benefits of using Petromix ®

When the oil is treated with PETROMIX®, the system is clean, proper atomisation is obtained and a good combustion follows. The end result is higher efficiency with the following additional benefits:


One litre of Petromix® treats 20.000 litres of fuel oil

In order to obtained maximum results with PETROMIX fuel oil treatment, it must be added to the oil in the storage tank. Adequate mixing is obtained by injecting gradually the required amount of PETROMIX into the tank fuel filling line while pumping in the fuel.

Petromix® is in accordance with REACH no. 1907/2006/EC

Origin: EU

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